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CraveOnline is the largest online male-lifestyle publishing group on the web today, with over 30 million US unique visitors. We are home to Game Revolution, LiveOutdoors and premium global partnerships in categories such as entertainment, sports, gaming, music, outdoors, style and technology.
CraveOnline represents a unique portfolio of publishers, featuring premium content geared towards men 18 to 34. We understand the needs and behaviors of men online and why and where they go to consume information. CraveOnline strives to not only represent the highest quality sites, but also focuses on global sales to contextually relevant Fortune 500 brand advertisers, delivering custom programs and unique integrated advertisements.
We strive to create holistic partnerships ranging not only from advertising, to traffic sharing solutions, creative development, link building, video syndication and more.
Interested in partnering with CraveOnline? We are always interested in building relationships; from content partnerships, to link building and more! Please contact our Business Development Team for more information.