’s 21-Year Legacy Continues With Site Relaunch on May 31

by Anthony Severino


Only three video game websites have stood the test of time, IGN, GameSpot, and our very own Originally launched in April 1996, it belongs to a prestigious group of brands that originally reviewed classics such as Final Fantasy VII and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and continues to offer coverage of the video game industry two decades later.

Just as those beloved gems evolve in newer iterations, desires to refresh its visual presentation and realign its content to be more accessible to newcomers while remaining true to its loyal audience.

In addition to an ultra-premium, minimalist aesthetic, under the hood the site is getting a significant CMS overhaul delivering faster updates, an easier to use new layout, a broader variety of content categories including eSports and hardware coverage (i.e. PC and virtual reality), as well as an increased focus on community engagement.

“GameRevolution has been around for a long period of time, but few moments in its lengthy history are as momentous as this relaunch. One of the industry’s most veteran sites will become a much more attractive place to visit, with thoughtful attention paid to every facet of its delivery,” said GameRevolution’s Executive Editor Jonathan Leack, continuing, “This relaunch represents a huge opportunity for our staff to share its expertise in a number of disciplines. Backed by an improved user experience and incredible enthusiasm, we are primed and ready for the next chapter of GameRevolution.”

“This relaunch represents yet another major milestone in GameRevolution’s storied history. With a fresh new visual appeal, and a staff full of passionate experts to fill its pages with compelling, click-worthy content, the future is brighter than ever for our Gaming flagship.” said Anthony Severino, Senior Director of Content & Operations for CraveOnline Media, GameRevolution’s parent company.

A Fresh Look

Everything from our article formatting down to our logo has been redesigned with a design language and visual cues that are familiar yet strikingly fresh. There’s a streamlined navigation bar that ushers users to the content they crave faster than ever. Hard-hitting editorial features and columns have been given greater real estate. There’s a new release widget in the sidebar showing recent hot titles, with editor’s picks bringing attention to what’s received GameRevolution’s illustrious stamp of approval.



New Content Franchises

In addition to expanding our focus to include more eSports, VR, and community interaction, we’re excited to formally debut some of our new content franchises and recurring columns.

  • Our eSports Calendar describes notable monthly events for each high visibility eSports title.
  • New Launch Hubs aggregate all the important related content for a game around its release date to provide users with an easily-digestible snapshot of everything you need to know about a title.
  • Under the Radar raises awareness for low visibility upcoming games that may have been overwhelmed by the hype of AAA competitors.
  • Dream Sequels calls out games our staff believes are in need of a sequel and what our team as the instruments of success for a comeback.
  • Games 101, which is our informative video introduction to an upcoming hot title.
  • Trailer Trove is a deep trailer analysis, pointing out everything from easter eggs to elements that viewers may otherwise miss.
  • Tell GR that asks our users to comment on a trending topic with their take.
  • The People Speak, which highlights particularly clever or insightful user comments.
  • Buy, Try or Die invites our users to weigh in on which games they plan to purchase each month.
  • Gaming PC of the Month features a member of the PC gaming community and their hardware.
  • Game Makers offers a look at what it’s like to make games from the perspective of a developer.
  • Frustrations of a Gamer talks about well-known problem areas in gaming, such as underwater gameplay in MMOs.
  • Community Opinions offers an opportunity for users to share their thoughts on a variety of topics using the revamped forum every Wednesday.

A New Team of Content Producers

Led by Executive Editor, Jonathan Leack, GameRevolution’s team of experts are equipped with decades of gaming experience behind them. Comprised of hardcore PC gamers, console enthusiasts, eSports experts, and more – the editorial staff provides an incredible breadth of reporting and analysis that thoughtfully considers the consumer perspective.

Old Favorites You Can Rely On

Despite the major overhaul, it just wouldn’t be GameRevolution if there wasn’t a deeply-rooted commitment to unbiased, critical coverage of the video game industry. We still care deeply about assessing video games under a microscope to help inform and empower our audience to make responsible purchasing decisions. There will still be an ever-present focus on community – we love our users. We converse and discuss with them – we even game with them.

GameRevolution will remain a force in the guides, FAQs, and cheats space. Many of our users first found our site while searching for cheats on the original Tomb Raider (you probably know which cheat they were looking for!) and will continue to enjoy all the things that make GameRevolution worth a bookmark.

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